I am from early Generation X, married, living in Istanbul Turkey and teaching at Bogazici University. In 1984 I graduated from Avusturya Lisesi (Austrian High School – Sankt Georg) and came to Bogazici University to study electrical engineering. During my studies, starting my sophomore year, I helped in the undergraduate physics labs, and when I graduated and started with my M.S. in the EE department I became a RA in the Physics Department. During this time I also finished my B.S. in Physics.

After I received my M.S. degree working with Dr. Selim Şeker on adaptive antenna arrays, I went to Pittsburgh. The reason was simple, I applied to places where my friends were, and among those places University of Pittsburgh was the best one and Ertuğrul Sorar was there. We had a very good time together, and the final two years we even shared an apartment in Shadyside (actually, I was living there alone, and Sorar was at Aracibo, but he had to come to Pittsburgh for some period, and then he asked me if he can stay for two weeks, I said of course, and then he stayed for two years – I was happy to have him around as he was working at night and I was working during the day, so we barely met). During my final year there, my advisor, Dr. Jim Maher, suddenly decided that he wanted to become the provost of the university and told me to finish my thesis. I hurriedly finished my work and stayed in the group for another year as a postdoc.

In the summer on 1995 I got an offer from Dan Schwartz to go down to New Orleans and work with him at Tulane University, Chemistry Department. I am very glad that I have accepted his offer, because I have learned a lot and also produced a lot during my two years in New Orleans.

In 1997 I returned to Turkey and joined the Physics Department at Bogazici University as an Assistant Professor. The same year I also started to work as a consultant at Toshiba Notebook Computers. In 1999 I became an Associate Professor and in 2005 a full Professor. For the past many years, I have been working as a member of the Computational Science and Engineering graduate program and I am also a member of the Center for Climate Change and Policy Studies (iklimBU). My present scientific work is in climate science and sustainability studies.

In the summer of 2001, I got married and my wife is a molecular biologist and is working as a professor at Gebze Technical University, Institute of Biotechnology. We have two sons one born in 2005, Mert, and the other born in 2010, Alp.


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